Monday Challenge: Tools of the Trade

The Pensieve as seen in David Yates' Harry Pot...

The Pensieve, also known as ‘easiest way to do flashbacks ever’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I read about an imaginary item and wish so hard it was real that I should rip the fabric of space-time and force it into being with the power of my brain.

Everyone knows about these things: the portable hole, the Pensieve*, the Tardis, the Phaser, all that cool shit. Magic and/or special items are an integral part of speculative fiction. Humans are tool using creatures, so it stands to reason that we’d give those tools a place of power in our own private fantasy worlds.

If I had to pick, it would probably either be a real Bag of Holding or the Green Lantern ring. Those of you who don’t play Dungeons and Dragons might be more familiar with the former as something similar to Hermione’s purse from the final Harry Potter book. Stores everything you want it to. And the Bag of Holding, unlike Hermione’s bag, always presents the thing you’re looking for when you reach in. Endless possibilities. And I’d never be short a pair of clean socks. As for the ring, who the hell doesn’t want to be able to create anything they can imagine? I’d even take being weak against the colour yellow and wood in exchange for that kind of thing.

Other contenders are John Scalzi’s BrainPal from Old Man’s War and Joe Hill’s Head Key from Locke and Key. But I figure I’ve got less chance of abusing the abilities of the Bag of Holding. If I had the Head Key, for example, I wouldn’t be able to resist seeing what would happen if I hooked my head directly to an ethernet cable and downloaded all the information in the world.

There are things out there that allow you to time travel, to teleport, to pass unnoticed through the most crowded room. Whatever people have ever wanted to do, a writer out there has created one to allow them to do it. It’s an incredible feat of imagination, and sometimes has hilarious results. But we think about this stuff because we want them to be real.**

So, your Monday Challenge? What fictional device would you want, and why? It can even be one you make up yourself.

What’s it going to be? Invisibility Cloak? Space-time knife? Bat-Mobile? And what would you do with it?

Choose wisely.
*I know a few people who could use an external storage place for their thoughts.
**And, thanks to technology, some of them are close. For example, the Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter and the glasses from Transmetropolitan.

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