Monday Challenge: Playing God

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Time to clock some overtime. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m thinking about bringing someone back from the dead.*

Not real death; I’m not a huge fan of dead people coming back unless the fact of the resurrection is in some way tied into the story: vampires, undead, robots, chosen of the gods, unable to escape a debt even into the sweet embrace of oblivion. Just bringing people back because you can is lazy. Besides, it loses all its impact.

No, the person I’m thinking of would just appear to have been dead. All the characters, except maybe one, would think he/she was dead for some time. They would have dealt with it as best they could, and, in some fashion, moved on. Until the dead bastard reappeared like a land-mine, resulting in chaos, explosions, and probably lost limbs.

It’s really tempting.

I’m still not sure if this is a good idea or a terrible one, but it’s proving hard to shake. It might just be that I’ve spent far too much time chipping away at edits and I need something to liven up the story for me again. Or it might be that I’ve stumbled on a key plot piece that had been mistakenly buried along with the character I’m thinking of resurrecting.

Characters are like pieces of string: hard to throw out because you never know when you might need it.

Still, it’s not a decision to take lightly. Apart from the resulting changes that I’d have to make to the manuscript as it stands, it seriously fucks with later adventures I have planned. Also, one of the characters might actually lose his/her mind if this person seemingly returned from the dead. Not that I’m averse to this, but they’ve been through a lot already. It wouldn’t be easy on the resurrected, either. If she/he wasn’t dead, then they were somewhere terrible. You don’t come back from that without a few scars, physical and otherwise.

But it did give me inspiration for this week’s writing prompt. To wit: I would like for you to write about coming back from the dead. Real dead, in this case. The dirt nap. Choose your mechanism, or make it a mystery, but tell me about those first moments of re-awakening. What happens? What do they think? Or do they think? Do they know they were dead? And did they come back for a reason?

I’ll be over here, playing God.

*In my story. If I could bring actual people back from the dead, I’d have an entire basement full of scientists.

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