Turn ‘Em Out: The EDC

One of my more recent internet curiosities is the EDC, or the Every Day Carry. Google it, you’ll find a ton of tumblrs and archives of people turning out the contents of their pockets on the internet. The EDC is, simply, the items that you carry with you every time you leave the house. If you’re a George Carlin fan, it’s the smallest possible version of your stuff.

I don’t know why I find it so fascinating. Maybe it’s the idea you get of a person based on the items they consider utterly necessary. Their survival kit. Or how it varies according to habits, hobbies, professions, and inclinations. Or maybe I just like going through other people’s pockets.

So, here’s my EDC*:

Image 2

1. Wallet. It’s just a wallet. Nothing special. Man’s wallet, though, because women’s ones tend to be covered in glitter or bulky ornamentation, which means I can’t get it in my damn pocket. Nothing really interesting in there: just cash, bank and credit cards, driver’s licence. Oh, and my S.H.I.E.L.D. Field Agent Access Card. You can’t see it. You don’t have the clearance.

2. Notebook. There have been a lot of incarnations of this. Most recent, and likely to stick around for a while, is the Moleskine Cahier Journal Plain, size large. They come in packs of three, which means I usually have a spare around. I never used to get the Moleskine thing, but then I started carrying one of these and got converted. The paper doesn’t bleed, the books are durable, and the size is perfect for throwing in a shoulder bag or tucking into my back pocket. Also: plain paper! Bloody hard to find in a small notebook, but important to me. My thoughts don’t always come out in words and even the ones that do are rarely linear.
The one shown above is almost finished, and it’s still in pretty good shape. Which, as anyone who has seen how I abuse my possessions will know, is impressive.

3. Glasses. Because, goddamnit, I still need them.

4. Reliable Pen. Emphasis on the reliable. I fucking hate when I’m out and about, working on something, trying to scribble fast enough to keep up with my brain, and the goddamn pen gives out. Or scratches, or skips, or whatever other fucking bullshit the God of Writing Implements decides to torment me with. You can keep your cheap ballpoints. Like the notebook, I’ll spend a little more on something I use every day.
And no pencils. Pencils are for drawing, not writing. And they smudge like a motherfucker.
Also, the pen must have black ink. Not blue. Black. Because reasons.
The above model is the Pilot disposable fountain pen, which I quite like, but I also use the Sharpie pens.

5. “Phone.” Really a pocket computer/music player/text message depot. I almost never use it for actual phone calls. This is an iPhone 4, couple of years old. Still works well, though I do notice the battery life starting to drop.
Also includes a voice recorder, which is useful for those times when my hand can’t keep up with my brain and I have to make auditory notes.

6. Keys and knife. The keys for opening doors, the knife in case anything weird was waiting on the other side.
A note: I recently stripped this down to just the essential keys: car and house. The third key is for a friend’s house that I’m checking on this summer, so that’s a temporary thing.
And the knife, while tiny, is quite sharp and has a number of other useful attachments. Like a bottle opener. Because if there’s one lesson I learned from dorm parties, it’s that an extra bottle opener never goes astray.

7. Saint medal. No, really. I’m not religious, but my mother is, and she gave it to me. It’s St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. Quite the sense of humour, my mother.
I’ve worn this for a number of years, so the copper is starting to show on the medal itself.

8. Wedding ring. Polished titanium. Incredibly light, incredibly comfortable, and (again, important for me) incredibly durable. It’s still picked up a couple of scratches, though.

And that’s it. That’s the kit for the wandering writer. It’s deliberately small. While I often carry a purse, I don’t like having to, so everything here can fit into pockets on on my person. Even the notebook tucks nicely into the back pocket of my jeans.

So, I showed you mine. Now what’s in your pockets?

*Unlabelled, because I couldn’t be arsed to open my photo editor this morning. If you can’t tell which item is which, you might have a problem.

5 thoughts on “Turn ‘Em Out: The EDC

  1. Wow, very stripped-down. I rarely if ever go out without a purse, albeit a small one. This post is making me think about what the absolute essentials are for me…

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