Monday Challenge: Zombies!

Zombie Walk in Edmonton

“Oh look, Jim, it’s that waitress you had an affair with. Maybe you’d be happier with her.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because why the fuck not?

Today’s challenge was inspired by Kat Nicholson, who texted me on Friday to ask for a personalized challenge. This is the kind of thing you can do when you live across the street from me. Or have access to my cell phone number. But it’s more effective if you live across the street, because then I can’t pretend to not be home. Or, if I do, you can open your window and throw rocks at my house until I give in.*

Anyway, she needed something with the living dead, Zombicus necrosii, to make a horror thing, so I got a few specifics and wrenched the following scenario out of my brain’s compost heap:

A couple who were planning on divorcing before Z-Day are now trying to escape to their small cabin on a lake island, reasoning that zombies can’t swim**. They’re armed, but are running out of ammo and starting to rely on improvised weapons. On foot. And the sun’s going down. Go.

So, you lot want to give that a try as well? Write me a scene in that couple’s day, which started off bad and is rapidly getting worse. And they’re probably still arguing about the chequebook.

*May or may not have actually happened.
**May or may not be true.

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