Monday Challenge: Tourist

English: Tourist standing on the beach of Maka...

Was that island always there? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m writing this from a MYSTERY LOCATION. That’s right: I could be anywhere. I could be next door. I could be in China. I could be right behind you.

Did anyone look? Just curious. I always wonder how far my powers have extended.

The mystery location is actually my sister-in-law’s kitchen. Bonus: they have the same coffee machine we do, so it’s just like being home from a caffeine perspective.

I’m on vacation right now. From a writing point of view, that’s weird; I’m out of place. But from a drinking before noon point of view, it’s great. I prefer to look on the bright side of things.

I’m also back in a city where I used to live, except now I’m back as a tourist. It’s an odd sensation. The sections of the city that have changed stand out all the more because of the familiar background. It’s like coming back from college to discover your mom got a half-sleeve tattoo.

But it makes me look at the city with fresh eyes. Tourist eyes. I see the city, not as something to live in and move though, but as a place to visit. My father-in-law likes to say that we never really know what’s in our own backyard, and I think that’s true. There’s so much shit going on in our own towns that we never notice—festivals, openings, closings, events—until we leave.

So, for this week’s challenge, I’m sending you on a field trip. Go find an event; you can check the newspaper or online listings if you can’t get out this week*. Find a thing going on: a charity dance, an open house, a free exhibit. If you can get there, check it out. Observe. And report back. Write about what was happening, the feel of the place. Look at it with tourist eyes.

If you can’t get there, well, then you get to imagine what it was like. Or what you wish it was like. Or dread. I’m not judging. Just explore a little, even if it’s inside your own head.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a bar in this town that’s calling my name.

Note for NaNoWriMo Participants: all Monday Challenge writing prompts make excellent fodder for getting past those sticky parts in the manuscript. Still stuck? Try these:

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*If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, I fully understand if you’ve forsaken all social interaction for the next thirty days. Just don’t forget to shower.

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