Monday Challenge: Look Twice

Pho real.

Because I live almost entirely inside my own head*, I tend to walk past familiar or boring areas without really looking at them.** Airports, malls, the route that I always take to get to the grocery store…they all serve as mere background to whatever more interesting scene is playing behind my eyeballs.

As a consequence of this, I sometimes find myself walking past something…only to have the fact that it was really fucking weird register five seconds later. By which time it’s sometimes no longer happening. Leaving me to wonder if I did, in fact, just see that. Whether it’s the kid who I’m pretty sure gave me the finger or the Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Shizzle***, I always have to look twice.

Monday Challenge: Write about someone questioning if they really did just see that. What do they think they saw? It’s up to you, but here are some ideas: the cat using the microwave to call its alien overlords; the neighbour hovering up to his roof to remove the ice dam in the gutter; the barista dropping something small into a customer’s beverage; the boss walking to lunch with a bag of human organs; or some complete stranger with a long, lizard-like tail.

So? Did you just see that?

*Like 90% of writers. The other ten percent only write technical manuals for very boring things, like spoons and those little cardboard dealies you put in the collars of dress shirts to keep them flat.
**At least, without looking at them any more than is necessary to avoid falling in holes or walking into traffic. Distracted, not suicidal.
***This is a place. Seriously. I went back to double check.

One thought on “Monday Challenge: Look Twice

  1. And sometimes that second glance leads to learning … I recently rode through London on the top deck of a bus and saw a noodle bar … Phat Phuc Noodle Bar … had to walk back and double check the name, which can clearly be pronounced in various ways … turns out that it’s Vietnamese for “Happy Buddha” , which seems appropriate on so many levels…

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