Break Out The Scotch, It’s Time For Year Four!

Maybe keep the candles away from the scotch, though.

Holy shit, here we are again. The beginning of a new year of Bare Knuckle Writer. Year four, to be precise. In the words of my role-playing character, “who would have thought we’d make it this far without someone nuking us from orbit?”*

I’m damn sure it’s no coincidence that I chose March to start this blog, with about as much prior research as it took to learn how to register a domain name and think of one I liked. February, as some of you might have gathered from the preceding post, is always hard for me. Shortest month feels longer in my head, and greyer, and colder.

But March…it might still be colder than a Frost Giant’s left testicle out there, but something has started to thaw. Maybe the ground. Maybe just my own imagination.

Things are moving again, and I like that.

As I said, I started this blog pretty much on a whim, and never set a timetable for myself. And every year when my renewal notice pops up in my inbox, I wonder if I should do it for another year. And, thus far, the answer has always been ‘yes’. I don’t plan any further than that, because I never want this to become an obligation. It’s my side project, like musicians recording under a different name. It’s something I do for fun, and occasionally to give difficult thoughts a place to live that’s not me. Or not just me.

But, to all of you who follow and read and allow the infectious spores of my thoughts to claim a section of your brain…thank you. Thanks for the follows, and the comments, and the questions, and the Twitter conversations. Thanks for your time and attention, which, goddamn, are valuable commodities these days. Thanks for listening.

And keep that dial right where it is. A brand new year is coming up, and you don’t want to miss it.

*Shortly after saying that, someone did attempt to nuke our party from orbit. Because DMs are like that.

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