The Bitch Is Back

No Standing Only Dancing

Like the robot says, get moving. Image by Steph Snow.

*door creaks open*

*lights come on*

Well. Look at all this dust everywhere. You’d swear no one had been in here in months.

Oh, right.

When we last parted, I had decided to put the blog on hiatus while I finished a novel. Well, the good news is: the novel is finished! And revised! And out to beta readers! Go, me. Light a cigar and pour a fucking drink.

The manuscript, the original reason for the hiatus, was finished months ago. But the meatsuit that hauls my brain around had some problems, and it’s really hard to write motivating blog posts when you’re back from your second surgery of the year and can barely get off the couch. I mean, I could have lied, but I think we’re both above that.

The good news? I’m back now. The blog is officially back on, twice a week. All the swearing and arse-kicking you missed. The look of the damn thing will probably change a bit over the next few weeks while I try to decide which WordPress theme defines me as a person, but posts will once again be as regular as a train schedule on Metamucil.

Try to contain your enthusiasm.

How did the manuscript go? What techniques did I use to edit it? What did I learn about Netflix, writing, and depression during my recovery time? All these topics and more, coming soon to this fucking blog.

The bitch is back.

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