Monday Challenge: Save the World

Right Hand Rule - Day 139

Come with me if you want to live. And bring the stapler. (Photo credit: rutty)

(At 66,000 words today. The typing callouses on my fingers are gaining sentience. I can no longer feel my brain. Send coffee. Pray for us all.)

I was having a little trouble coming up with a Monday Challenge this week. Not because there’s nothing to write, but because my head is so full of the current story that it’s squeezing out everything else. Pretty soon I’ll start forgetting phone numbers and postal codes. All those cells will be busy creating weapons and idiosyncrasies and bedrooms and political structures. The good news is that the world is fleshing itself out around the story, filling in its own details.

The bad news is…I forget. Sorry. I told you this would happen.


So I started looking around for inspiration, and, oddly enough, found it. Today’s challenge is a found object challenge. Look to your immediate left. No, your other left. What object is closest to you? It can be anything: office supply, furniture, yoga mat, Nerf shotgun, family pet. Got it? Okay, that item is very important. It is the only thing that will stop an emergency which will occur in the next twenty four hours. You get to decide what the emergency is, but it has to be a real emergency, not a fucking fashion emergency or something. It is vital—vital—that you stop this event from happening, whatever it is. If you don’t, people will die.

But you must use the item at your left to do so. Only it can save the day. How? I don’t know. You’re the writer, you tell me.

Right. Go.

And before I get any complaints, my world saving object is a two-inch figure of Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If I’d picked the right hand side, it would have been a pair of twenty-sided dice both showing 19. Think I should have gone right.