Breaking Things


Try not to be too desolate. (Photo credit: Jessica Whittle Photography)

I know I’m a big proponent of Never Taking A Break, Ever, but there occasionally comes a time when you’ve got to hang it up for a while. With that in mind, I announce the Christmas Break.

Oh, not from writing. I can’t physically take a break from writing. Seriously, the other day, I was so inspired I thought I should stay up late to write, but instead I went to bed, thinking a good night’s sleep would make me write even better in the morning. Instead, I woke up at 4 am and stared at the ceiling for two hours, wired out of my mind by the sheer volume of ideas sleeting through my head. I designed weapons. I made up new characters. I created settings. I was fucking high on imagination.*

Writing: it’s like crack to me. And, like a crack addict, should you try to take it away from me, I will rend you with tooth and claw.

So, I can’t take a break from writing, but I do occasionally take breaks from specific projects. Usually this happens at the end of a draft, so I can get some distance from the piece before I eviscerate it and make something better out of its hide and guts. I think manuscripts need a little time to mature before you start cutting. When I finish Draft Zero of The Patchwork King, I’ll set it aside for a few weeks and take up something else.

But sometimes you just take a break at a convenient time, especially for ongoing projects. I will be taking a brief blog hiatus until the New Year. Part of the reason for this is to really focus on finishing up the last of that zero draft I’ve been churning out. That’s going to start eating all of my non-Christmas related time now that the end is in sight. The other reason is that, hell, man, it’s the holidays. There’s parties and shit going on. And I deserve a break.

So keep writing and creating. We’ll meet back here on January the 2nd. You know, provided the world doesn’t end on the 21st. If it does, I look forward to meeting you in the shattered post-apocalyptic remains of our world.** I’ll be the one modifying my brass knuckles to deliver an electric charge.

See you soon.

*Lamest way to get high ever.
**Though if you have cool stuff, be warned that I’ll probably rob you. Sorry. Everyone for themselves in the apocalypse.