Monday Challenge: The Yule Duel


Shown: Traditional Tartan for the Yule Duel (Photo credit: Dolor Ipsum)

Sooooo…a week before Christmas Eve. Everyone freaking out yet? Everyone got their shopping done/commercialization protested against? Feeling good? That’s nice. I’m still on track to make the Christmas deadline for the zero draft, but if I don’t, guess what I’ll be doing on Christmas Day? Nothing like getting some word count in your stocking.

Speaking of the holidays, we had a party this weekend. Some friends of ours are going away over the holidays, so we wanted to do our gift exchange early. It was a hell of a lot of fun. Good food, good times. And it was themed. This was a Christmas pyjama party.

I should explain: the Husband and I like to make new traditions. When we first started living together and had our first Christmas where neither of us went back to our parents’ places, we decided to institute things to make the holiday ours. This has led to the Christmas Eve Lasagna, the Midnight Movie in Pyjamas, the Gift Opening Beers, and the Breakfast Skillet. We also eschew the traditional turkey feast in favour of the Christmas Day Theatre Movie, complete with oversized concession stand snacks. We like our traditions.

This was the inaugural year for the Christmas Pyjama Party, and we liked it. I think we’ll keep it.

So, for this week’s Monday Challenge, write about a tradition. It can be one your family has*, or one that you wish you had. Or even just something weird that your characters have. The Yule Duel**, the Snowman Sacrifice, the Burning of the Socks. Or something more serious, like the old Druidic sacrifices to get the damn sun to come up properly and stop lazing about. Pick your favourite and have fun.

And remember: traditions don’t have to make sense. If they did, they probably wouldn’t stick around so long.

*In my family, the biggest tradition was Distract Mom So She Forgets and We Don’t Have To Go To Midnight Mass.
**Actually, I kind of like this one. I might use this myself.