Monday Challenge: Clean

Monday coffee

Well, how do you get your first cup of coffee on Monday? (Photo credit: dadevoti)

Do you know why I always post a writing prompt on Monday? After all, it’s a fucking bastard of a day, right?* You’ve got enough to do, what with a new week starting and your boss breathing down your neck about those lesbian stripper ninjas she ordered which still haven’t arrived from Human Resources.** Honestly, how hard can it be to get a couple of lesbian stripper ninjas, does she have to do everything herself?

I put it up on Monday because Mondays are clean.

If you start your week on Monday, as many of us do, then every Monday that rolls up does so as pristine and shiny as a cherry ‘Vette just out of the showroom. It might not always feel that way—it’s the end of a weekend, after all, and the beginning of work again—but it has potential.

As the week goes on, excuses and obligations pile up. Unfinished projects eat your free time. Until that shiny new beginning is forgotten and the week becomes…well, just another week.

Until next Monday.

That’s why I’m here Mondays, bringing you a writing challenge: so that you can take advantage of a new week’s promise and start off right. With creativity and fun and maybe a few swears. Even if the rest of the week goes to hell in a hand basket—which happens to the best of us—you can still look back at Monday and say, “I wrote, and that’s awesome.” Because it is.

So, my Monday test monkeys, for this day, the beginning of a new week, write me a beginning. Something clean. Something as yet unsullied by its passage through time. Something new.

And make your week a great one.

*Though anyone who tells me that I have a ‘case of the Mondays’ will be summarily shot out of a cannon towards the sun. I don’t know if you’ll get there, but I’m willing to try. Be warned.
**My view of the corporate world may have been informed by porn and anime. This is what happens, though, right?

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